• Hannah Simpson Studio, established in 2020, serves as a creative
    haven for Hannah Simpson, providing an escape from the demands of everyday life.
    For Hannah, creativity has long been a therapeutic outlet, allowing her to
    navigate and control her emotions.

    Central to the studio's creations are the 'Monster' creatures
    that Hannah conceptualizes. These creatures, designed with vibrant patterns and
    unique expressions, serve as tangible representations of difficult thoughts and
    negative emotions, transforming them into approachable and humorous entities.
    Remarkably, these characters not only bring solace to Hannah but also spread
    joy to others.

    Motivated by the positive impact of her Monster creations,
    Hannah expanded her creative endeavors to include homeware items, particularly
    lamps. The rationale behind this extension is rooted in the belief that
    surrounding oneself with colorful and joyful shapes can have profound effects
    on mental health. Through her homeware items, Hannah aims to contribute to
    creating uplifting and positive living spaces.

    Ceramics form the core of Hannah Simpson Studio's artistic
    output. Working with ceramics is described as a challenging and rewarding
    experience, emphasizing the delicate balance between control and
    unpredictability. The intricate and time-consuming nature of each stage in the
    ceramic process, often spanning weeks for project completion, tests the
    artist's patience and expectations. Despite the challenges, working with
    ceramics fosters resilience, patience, and a methodical approach.

    In essence, Hannah Simpson Studio is not merely a ceramics
    studio but a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the
    therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. Through her unique approach to
    ceramics and the creation of Monster-inspired homeware, Hannah Simpson aims to
    bring joy, resilience, and a sense of control to both herself and those who
    interact with her creations

Professional Accomplishments

December 2023- January 2024: Exhibition at 'Marie Jose Gallery'

November- December 2023: Featured in 'Selfridges' as part of the 'Glassette' pop-up store

September- October 2023: 'House of Pots' Exhibition

September 2023: 'London Design Fair' represented by 'LoveAugust'

2022-2023: '32st George street' Gallery

August 2022: 'Cluster Crafts'

June 2022: Etsy celebrity collaboration with Aimee Song

February 2022: 'Trobat' Exhibition

December 2021: 'Swing Gallery'

August 2021: Etsy celebrity collaboration with Honey Dijon